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Why choose stucco as siding?.

Stucco is a building material made from sand, Portland cement, lime and water. It has been used for centuries to cover ceilings, walls and other structures.

Stucco adds an excellent R-value (insulation efficiency), helping to keep your home cooler in the summer months and keeping out the harsh winds of winter, in turn, saving on your heating and cooling costs. Because stucco is so durable as well as fire resistant, many insurance companies will reduce your home insurance premiums substantially, saving you hundreds of dollars.

(Be sure to check with your local insurance company to see if stucco is on their list of reducing premiums.)

When you consider the lasting durability and the numerous benefits of stucco over other exteriors, you will find that you receive much better value for your money over time.

Types of siding:

  • Aluminum or Vinyl Siding These siding options are available on new homes as well as often put on over older types of siding. The biggest advantage of this type of siding is that they do not require painting. The disadvantage is that aluminum siding dents and vinyl siding cracks. Vinyl siding has improved over time as the quality of vinyl improves.
  • Masonite Siding or Hardi Plank These siding options have a similar appearance but offer very different results. Masonite siding deteriorates over time and requires painting, caulking and routine upkeep. Hardi Plank (a brand name) is a similar looking product but is made of cement and therefore does not rot. It is growing in popularity and is a terrific alternative to Masonite.
  • Brick or Stone Both of these products provide an excellent siding option. They are virtually indestructible as well as attractive. They do not require the routine maintenance that other types of siding require. The biggest drawback is price, although in some areas of the country it is still very affordable.
  • Stucco Traditional stucco is made with cement and offers a solid, lasting, moisture proof siding. It is seen a great deal in Florida where the climate would require constant upkeep on other types of siding and the solid cement siding keeps the houses cooler than traditional siding.
  • Cedar Shakes For those who love the look of cedar shakes, it is an excellent alternative to Masonite siding as it requires less maintenance. When treated with stain it does not rot or peel.
  • Veneer & Synthetic Siding These siding alternatives give you the appearance of other types such as stucco or brick, but do not give you the quality or longevity.
  • Clapboard Siding that is made from solid wood is more costly than other types of siding but lasts longer and looks better than other manufactured sidings such as Masonite. It is also a product that lends itself well to stain and therefore will not peel as siding that is painted.
  • Steel and Vinyl Coatings These are becoming more and more popular. They are more expensive but are nearly indestructible thus requiring little maintenance. Vinyl Coatings are applied like paint but are much thicker. Since it is a relatively new product it is important to find a company that will apply it correctly as applying incorrectly can cause many problems.

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